Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability

Protects you against liabilities due to bodily injury or damage to property of third parties arising from activities in connection with your business operations.

We offer the following covers:

  • Premises Operations: covers liabilities to third parties arising from accidents in connection with your ownership, maintenance or use of your business premises. Also activities incidental to the insured’s operations such as pick-up and delivery operations.
  • Elevator
  • Idependent Contractors: covers liabilities which you may incur due to acts or omissions in the supervision of independent contractors.
  • Contractual: insures against liabilities which you may incur as a result of a particular contract and which you would not have incurred if not for the said contract.
  • Products: protects you against liabilities you may incur due to the handling or use of or existence of any conditions in goods or products you manufacture, sell, handle or distribute.

Comprehensive Personal Liability

Protects you against liabilities to third parties due to accidents that occur at your house (whether owned or rented) or your acts of negligence and/or of members of your household that result in the death of or injuries to third parties or of the destruction of or damage to the property of third parties.